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Unlocking Publishers’ Revenue Potential with AnyMind Tag Solution (ATS)

In today’s digital landscape, maximizing ad revenue is crucial for publishers looking to thrive and forms the basis for publishers to further explore monetization opportunities. With the evolution of programmatic advertising and ad exchanges, publishers face a complex ecosystem where optimization is key to success. Hence, AnyMind launched a service called AnyMind Tag Solution (ATS) to provide a no-code, single-tag solution for publishers to enhance revenue streams and optimize their web assets.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising and Ad Exchanges

Programmatic advertising has been a mature trend in the marketing industry for the past decade. It uses machine learning algorithms for media buying, analyzing various user signals in real-time to ensure that ads are served to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Various ad exchanges play an important role in this ecosystem. Similar to a stock exchange (in terms of buying/selling ad inventory and optimizing for demand and supply), the ad exchange acts as a marketplace where publishers and advertisers meet to buy and sell ad inventory through real-time bidding.


What is ATS (AnyMind Tag Solution)?

AnyMind Tag Solution is a solution by AnyMind group that helps publishers easily manage demand for their ad inventory efficiently. Connected to over 150 demand sources, publishers need only to implement a single custom script to deliver ads (whether through header bidding or direct sales), add new ad units, adjust tag implementation, track performance, optimize key facets such as floor pricing and inventory fill, and more, and ultimately generate more revenue. Instead of doing all of the above and managing ad inventories individually, publishers can now consolidate ad management and reporting through a single platform – AnyManager.


Maximizing Revenue with ATS

Why should publishers choose ATS to optimize their ad revenue? Let’s explore the benefits and features that ATS offers:

1. Analyze the performance of all datasets through a single platform.

ATS provides integrated analytics, which automates data collection and reporting across various platforms like Google Ad Manager, Xandr, Pubmatic, Magnite…With seamless connections to over 140 SSPs and ad networks, users gain actionable insights for growth. Customizable dashboards and detailed reporting further empower data-driven decisions and optimization efforts.

2. Optimize inventory with various features

Unlock a wide variety of formats and delivery methods to maximize Publishers’ revenue, requiring minimal modification of their existing systems.

  • Ad Exchange Optimization: ATS optimizes the ad exchange environment, ensuring publishers receive the highest possible bids for their ad inventory.
  • Refresh function: Delivered ads will be refreshed after 30 seconds to increase the number of ad requests and increase revenue based on existing traffic.
  • Header Bidding Integration (Prebid): ATS seamlessly integrates header bidding without requiring changes on the publisher’s side, maximizing ad revenue through auction-based ad serving.
  • Other third-party demands: AnyMind is working with a variety of demand partners, helping Publishers to implement those demands on their inventory to optimize overall CPM.
  • AnyManager Video Player: A recently launched video-based solution that aims to provide eased accessibility for publishers to increasingly leverage video content in monetization efforts.

Leveraging Programmatic Advertising with ATS

Programmatic advertising offers Publishers unparalleled opportunities for revenue growth. With ATS, Publishers can harness the power of programmatic advertising to its fullest potential. From precise audience targeting to real-time bidding optimization, ATS empowers publishers to thrive in the competitive digital advertising landscape.

Unlock Publishers’ Revenue Potential with AnyMind Tag Solution now!

Take your ad revenue to new heights with AnyMind today. We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), meaning that we uphold ourselves to the highest of standards, and this also enables us to add on to existing offerings by tapping into Google’s range of services and products to help publishers across Asia, and certifies the expertise held by AnyMind Group’s local Publisher Engagement teams across all major markets in Asia Pacific and beyond.

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