Professional Service

Our local expert teams across the region help you supercharge the value of our platform.

Why our expert services?

Extensive growth support that is catered to your requirements, bringing incremental value to websites, apps and e-commerce sites.

Online media business models need to continually adapt to changes in the market environment.

You don't have to do it alone! To realise incremental value that you can gain from our platform, we provide not just software but also technical expertise to bring greater value for you.

At AnyMind Group, our teams of experts located across the region understand what it takes to succeed locally and regionally and can bring added value to your online media.

Support in maximizing the value of web properties

Our local and global teams work together to analyze and plan steps that you can bring more growth. You will also have access to the full range of AnyMind Group's products and offerings based on what you need.

  • Business intelligence dashboard

    Support for the planning of actions by analyzing reports and data obtained through AnyManager.

  • Connect to more than 140 partners

    Access more than 140 SSPs, ad networks and demand platforms.

  • Sales support for PMPs, other ad inventory and AnyDigital Premium Marketplace

    Tap on our extensive sales resources to drive incremental returns.

  • Implementation of varied ad formats and header bidding

    Our teams can provide support for the implementation of ad formats and header bidding, enabling you to quickly increase earnings.

  • Quality control analysis and planning

    Identify and secure high quality traffic and inventory to increase ad unit prices.

  • Support from the knowledge of three GCPP companies

    Tap on our team of experts and knowledge gained from being a GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner)

Support to maximize the value of your mobile app

Analyze and plan measures based on the stage of your mobile app, including user retention, user acquisition and monetization. Tap on additional support including app development and app store optimization measures.

  • Business intelligence dashboard

    Make sense of the data gleaned from AnyManager by tapping on our experts, which can also provide you supoprt for designing events on your app and build out infrastructure analysis customized to your application.

  • Maximize revenue through open bidding

    We provide support from design to implementation and operation of demand mediation, open bidding, and other means to drive monetization. Our team can also provide you with measures to drive incremental revenue such as formatting and A/B testing.

  • Sales support for premium inventory

    Tap on our extensive sales resources to drive incremental returns.

  • Tactical design

    Our team of experts will work with you to integrate, visualize and analyze your app's data and create tactics that match the stage of growth for your app.

  • ASO analysis and policy planning

    Leverage on resources to analyze the state of your app, competitors and the market, and propose and implement app store optimization (ASO) measures.

  • User acquisition support (Digital marketing, influencer marketing and 3rd-party platforms)

    Our teams can work with you to design strategies and tactics for user acquisition by tapping on other AnyMind Group platforms including AnyTag, AnyDigital Premium Marketplace and other 3rd-party platforms to effectively acquire and retain users.

Data-driven SEO enhancement support from our team

We improve the internal structure of your online media and provide you with actionable insights to make your online media friendly to both users and search engines.

  • Technical SEO

    After analyzing the internal structure of your site, we'll work with you to plan and implement the right next steps.

  • Advanced analysis

    By leveraging on AnyManager and other platforms, we are able to identify issues and plan improvements.

  • Wide variety of solutions for SEO growth

    Based on indicators such as Core Web Vitals, our teams can perform analysis and propose highly effective measures for implementation.

Speed improvement support in line with Core Web Vitals

Improve user experience through page speed enhancements that require no implementation costs or revenue, and also without implementing a CDN, expanding servers or reducing the number of ads.

  • Analysis and planning of measures based on Core Web Vitals

    We analyze and propose measures taking each indicator into consideration. It is also possible to analyze the data in cooperation with AnyManager.

  • Tactical design

    We'll propose measures based on your development resources and prioritize the most effective measures.

  • Provision of products that fit your online media channels

    By using products that match the phase and medium to long-term plans, you can unlock new growth opportunities.

Tailor-made support for websites, apps and e-commerce channels

We provide support tailored to the stage of each channel or organization, such as cross-platform analysis and conversion rate optimization through A/B testing of e-commerce sites.

  • Workshops

    Our teams can hold workshops for ad sales staff and other business units to raise the level of digital knowledge within your organization

  • Social media account analysis, operation and strategy planning

    Leveraging on sister platforms, our teams can provide you with next steps in implementing account operation, strategy planning and reviews of your social channels.

  • E-commerce site construction and operational support

    We can support you in building e-commerce sites, operations, and improving cost effectiveness by tapping on other AnyMind Group platforms for advertising, logistics and more.

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