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AnyManager is an all-in-one platform that enables publishers to analyze, improve user engagement and increase revenue.

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Monetize your digital content with AnyManager

AnyManager provides publishers with a wide range of functions from analytics and monetization to optimization and growth, powering digital content worldwide and maximizing revenue potential.
The platform has a customer retention rate of over 97% *As of February 2021



Platform features

Maximize the revenue of digital content with our all-in-one platform

AnyManager enables publishers to tap on a wealth of opportunities - analytics, monetization and optimization - all through a single platform.

Additional Services

Site consultation to maximize web revenue opportunities

  • Site consultation to maximize web revenue opportunities

    Local and regional teams of experts will work with you to analyze and plan measures to grow your online media channels, leveraging on AnyMind Group's various platforms to suit your needs.

  • Maximize revenue opportunities on mobile apps

    Our consultants work with you to analyze, plan and implement measures based on the stage of your app growth, incuding measures around user retention, user acquisition and monetization. Easily tap on support in additional areas including app development and ASO measures.

  • SEO growth support

    Our team works with you to improve your online media channel's internal stucture to increase organic traffic. Tap on additional resources to make your site friendly to both users and search engines.

  • Site speed optimization

    Tap on deep expertise to improve user experience by improving page load speed without impacting implementation costs and revenue, or having to install CDNs, increase servers or reduce the number of ad units.

  • Additional offerings

    Open up new revenue streams through AnyMind Group's D2C offerings including cloud manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics.

We have succeeded in attracting a large number of new users by making our AMP site.

Now with AMP, people from in/outside Bandung are getting to know our existence and what information we provide because our articles appear on Google Search very often, and this is also recognized by our fellow AMSI (Indonesia Media Cyber Association) members.
Rahim Asyik, Chief Content Officer, Ayo Media Network

  • Montly Page View: 1,025%
  • Montly Revenue: 100%
  • Page Speed: 32%

Tim AnyMind memberikan informasi bermanfaat tentang pengetahuan pemasaran digital dan tantangan jurnalisme di era digital ini.

Dengan mengikuti proyek ini, tim Update Sukabumi menyadari bahwa mereka harus selalu meningkatkan kemampuan mereka untuk menjadi platform aspirasi terbaik dalam memberikan informasi aktual kepada pembaca setia mereka.
Nuril, CEO Sukabumi Update.

  • Montly Page View: 1,025%
  • Montly Revenue: 100%
  • Page Speed: 32%

I am feeling grateful for the AnyManager AMP Plugin. Before using this plugin, I needed to fix all errors by myself and it is time consuming”.

I am pleased be the part of this project. AMP helps our users access our site faster.
Yudha - Chief Editor

  • Monthly Revenue: 29%
  • Page Speed: 49%

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